TOP and Golden Finance host "Blockchain Silk Road" to provide channels for overseas projects

In March 24th, due to the impact of the epidemic situation in the domestic and foreign blockchain industries, communication and promotion channels were blocked. TOP Network, a blockchain public chain project, and Golden Finance launched a "Blockchain Silk Road" event, which plans to join dozens of companies. Chinese media, communities and communities will freely publicize overseas high-quality projects in China, and build a "Silk Road" for in-depth exchanges between the Chinese and foreign blockchain industries. At that time, TOP Network will select 5 high-quality projects from the registered overseas projects for domestic AMA, live broadcast, article announcement, and future offline activities.

So far, more than a dozen overseas project parties have submitted registration materials. Projects wishing to join the event can follow the TOP Network official public account "TOP Blockchain (TOPNetwork_top)" in the background and reply to "Silk Road" for registration. The media or community can also leave a message in the background of the public account to cooperate.