Report shows:'s February revenue growth ranked fourth in the world, ranking first in domestic exchanges

The CryptoDiffer report pointed out that in February, the sharp rise in the overall market value triggered an increase in exchange trading volume, and most exchanges also achieved an increase in transaction fee income. Among them, the top 15 fastest-growing exchanges and gains were: UPbit rose 146.1%, rose 105.2%, BitMax rose 97.3%, rose 72.2%, MAC rose 56.2%, and BINANCE rose 53.8%. Coinone rose 49.4%, OKEX rose 49.3%, coinbase rose 45.5%, BITTREX rose 37.6%, CoinBene rose 37.1%, BITFINEX rose 28.9%, bithumb rose 27.6%, Bitstamp rose 27.0%, and Huobi rose 26.1%. Among domestic exchanges, ranked fourth with an increase of 72.2% in this revenue growth, and ranked first among domestic exchanges.