Over 5 million people in South Korea ask Telegram "House N" lead criminal to march in South Korea

According to Cointelegraph, more than 5 million people in South Korea have signed a petition requesting Zhao Zhubin (translated, 24), the principal criminal of the sexual exploitation case in Telegram "House N," to conduct a public demonstration. Zhao Zhubin was arrested and charged with 17 others last week for distributing and selling photos and videos of sexual exploitation of women and minors. Currently, it has been publicly marched in South Korea.

It is reported that Zhao Zhubin obtained hundreds of millions of won of cryptocurrency from the Telegram chat room, which has a subscriber list of up to 260,000 people. At least 74 victims are known to have been sexually exploited in Room N, which is actually a series of at least 100 related chat rooms. Each user has to pay 200,000 to 1.5 million won in cryptocurrency to visit the room.