"Blockchain +" Practice of Shandong University: "Digital Safe" Eliminates Complexity and Simplifies Government Affairs System

Source: Volkswagen Daily , the original title "First try first, see the" Blockchain + "Shanda Practice", with cuts

Correspondent Wang Yuan Correspondent Wan Guangyuan Che Huiqing

Our province is actively using blockchain as an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies, and accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. At present, the “Blockchain + Government Affairs” trusted service platform constructed by Shanda Diwei and serving the Jinan area of ​​China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone, accelerates the realization of “second office” while ensuring the security and credibility of approval information. Joint Office. "

Building the "Internet of Value"

In recent years, major global countries are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. At present, blockchain technology has penetrated into various economic and social fields such as finance, the Internet of Things, e-commerce, and government services. According to Dr. Zongshui Xiao, senior vice president of Shanda Diwei Software Co., Ltd., people are looking forward to the application of blockchain technology to build an orderly, multi-center peering and mutual trust "value Internet" and build a new industrial ecosystem. Improve the efficiency of economic operations and reduce the cost of social trust.

Shanda Diwei is one of the earliest companies engaged in blockchain technology and application research in China. In recent years, it has done a lot of fruitful work in accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. It has grown into one of the few domestic companies that can provide coverage. Basic software, technical services and application operation of the three major blockchain content service providers, undertaking the construction and related research tasks of the Blockchain Innovation and Application Research Center of the National Engineering Laboratory for E-commerce Transaction Technology. Research and application ranks at the domestic leading level.

"Dawei Chain" is a core blockchain product developed by Shanda Diwei, and was approved as the first domestic high-end software in 2018. "Dawei Chain" has made a fundamental breakthrough in two levels of technological innovation and model innovation, and has achieved the transfer of trust in an untrusted environment.

Since the beginning of this year, Shanda Diwei has successively passed the country's first batch of domestic blockchain information service filings, has been selected as the 101 national network security technology application pilot, and has become the first company in Shandong to pass the national blockchain system functional test, marking Shanda Di Weiwei has obtained national-level certifications in three key areas of operation services, technical functions and information security, and has won the "Grand Slam" of blockchain qualification. In the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing lists released by the State Cyberspace Office in March of this year, three blockchain information services including Shanda Diwei ’s “Dawei Chain” passed the filing, and 3 of them were approved in Shandong Province. 3 out of 5 services provided by companies.

"Digital Safe": Remove complexity and simplify, help the government system

In order to solve the current problems in digital asset management, Shanda Diwei relies on the "Dawei Chain" products, with the goal of "safe deposit" and "reliable use", and has innovatively developed a "digital safe". On this platform, for the historical assets already held by enterprises and individuals, submit assets through the mobile APP, and issue them to the corresponding accounts on the blockchain after the authenticity of the authority, which is the exclusive digital safe, and in the mobile APP Ability to manage views. For new assets, such as business licenses, real estate certificates, academic credentials, etc., relevant government departments and industry organizations, while issuing traditional forms of assets, use the institutional end provided by the platform to simultaneously issue digital form assets and deposit them on the blockchain. Exclusive digital safe for everyone.

In the past, like government procurement, companies had to carry paper assets and credit materials to participate in bidding every time. Tenderers needed to repeat the authenticity verification, which was low efficiency, high cost, and authenticity difficult to distinguish. In the future, if these materials are submitted and received through the "digital safe" on the blockchain, they can achieve credible circulation, record the circulation of assets, provide credible supervision means, and link with the credit of the enterprise. , Can significantly reduce transaction costs and increase the credibility of transactions.

At present, Shanda Diwei ’s “Dawei Chain” products have been successfully run on mainstream domestic public cloud and government cloud platforms such as Unicom Cloud, Telecom Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc., and have good business operation service capabilities. , Smart medical, smart power and other fields, the successful application of electronic licenses, prescription circulation, electronic contracts and other scenarios.

The Jinan High-tech Zone Intelligent Government Affairs System is based on the "Dawei Chain" and innovates the data sharing model and government service model to realize the credible circulation of digital credit, digital materials and digital certificates across departments, fields, and systems. With this as the core, an approval service system of "comprehensive reception at the front desk, classified approval at the back office, and unified window submission" has been established. At present, this model has played a significant role in the "start-up and start-up" service of high-tech zones, and business matters such as business licenses, seal filing and engraving, social security registration, and bank pre-opening of new start-ups can be completed quickly, creating It takes only 47 minutes for the company to start a business well in the country, the fastest speed in the country, which is 75% shorter than the promised time limit. In September 2018, it successfully issued China's first blockchain-based digital business license.

Fan Liming, President of Shandong University, expressed his hope that Shanda Diwei will strengthen basic research on blockchain technology, promote collaborative research, strengthen standardization research, accelerate industrial development, build an industrial ecology, and build a talent team to build a network nation, develop a digital economy, and help the economy and society Play a greater role in development.