SF Technology accelerates the application of "Big Data Blockchain Technology", opens up information barriers and achieves accurate traceability

According to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, the epidemic has encountered the Spring Festival, and express delivery companies are generally out of service. Hubei and other severely epidemic areas are facing great difficulties in transporting materials. How to safely and quickly achieve effective distribution of materials has become a top priority for SF. . In addition to the application of big data, the blockchain technology that has received much attention has also become a new measure and a new "weapon" for responding to the epidemic. It is reported that what SF values ​​is its distributed storage, traceability, and irreversibility. Therefore, it has vigorously promoted the role of blockchain technology in the construction of an early warning system for epidemic prevention and control, and a source tracing system for materials.

Based on its own business development requirements and strategic layout, SF has now realized the application of blockchain technology in multiple scenarios, such as traceability of pharmaceuticals, agricultural products / food and cross-border goods, and other areas of supply and transportation, from production and processing. The source guarantees quality and safety. Based on SF's real-time monitoring of each link of logistics and information flow, combined with the fidelity of key nodes and full-process information of the blockchain, it achieves information traceability and business transparency from the inside to the outside.