Baidu Superchain launches new products such as Superchain Professional Edition and Open Network

On March 25, Baidu Super Chain launched new products such as Super Chain Professional and Open Network. Among them, the Superchain Professional Edition is a standardized blockchain product provided by Baidu Superchain. With an open network, users do not need to build a chain, which can reduce the threshold for user deployment. In addition to "Shangxin", Baidu Superchain also released cooperation plans for business partners and developers respectively.

In addition, Baidu Super Chain also launched a number of industry solutions, which can realize one-stop output of API (Application Interface), effectively solving the pain points of the industry due to the high threshold of blockchain technology development and application deployment. The new product launched this time is XuperChain, a blockchain solution based on Baidu's completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, XuperChain has been upgraded to version 3.0 and is open source. According to GitHub data, a hosting platform for open source and private software projects, XuperChain code has been submitted more than 300 times, maintaining high-frequency iterations.