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The recent plunge in the price of bitcoin has caused market panic, and buying liquidity has tightened sharply.

The price of bitcoin fell from $ 7,000 to $ 5,000, but it has not stopped falling, and it quickly rebounded to $ 6,000 after dropping down to $ 4,000. In this huge ups and downs, the market value has evaporated more than 90 million US dollars.

As we all know, derivatives are an important tool to improve market liquidity and activity, but due to the sharp fluctuations in the market, most investors in the futures market are forced to close their positions.

The market panic is spreading. At the current stage, people's attention has gradually shifted to what kind of derivative tools do we need? Is it possible to minimize the risk of investment methods while ensuring stable returns?

2020 is the year of change in the global economic situation. The time to reshape the cryptocurrency market is a crucial year for the transformation of derivative financial products. At this moment …   Bybit's new contract product- USDT perpetual contract is online!

At 14 pm on March 24th, By Zhou co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou will fully explain through the chain node live room, show new contract products, bring professional contract market players, and watch the current ups and downs of the cryptocurrency derivatives market. , Explore how to achieve a stable profit in the economic crisis, and show a new experience of sustainable contracts!


[Time] at 14:00 on March 24

[Guest Introduction]

Ben Zhou Bybit co-founder and CEO. He has more than 10 years of management experience in the financial industry. He has served as the executive director of the world's largest retail foreign exchange dealer ( in Greater China, focusing on the traditional financial and derivatives fields, and has a deep understanding of how to meet the transaction needs and trading experience of retail users. In 2017, he devoted himself to the blockchain industry, carried out industry status analysis and market demand research, and founded Bybit in March 2018, focusing on the digital asset derivative field, comprehensively solving user pain points and industry disadvantages, and creating benign digital asset transactions surroundings.

Michael Wu Amber CEO. Former fund manager of US $ 500 million hedge fund; former Morgan Stanley foreign exchange rate product trader; bachelor of economics from Dartmouth College; Forbes 30 Under 30.

Sun Kuan Founder of Eureka Trading. PhD in Financial Derivatives, founder of Eureka Trading (formerly Derypto). Eureka Trading is a quantitative trading fund focused on derivatives trading and design. It is initiated by a group of doctors and experts in the derivatives field. At present, it has extensive influence in the industry, with monthly trading volume reaching billions of dollars.

Zhao Wei Partner of Tokeninsight. Master of Economics, University of Edinburgh, Partner of TokenInsight. Responsible for the TokenInsight rating and research department, leading the construction of rating, research and data systems. In 2012, he began to contact Bitcoin, researched more than 800 projects, and completed more than 200 research reports. We have provided consulting services in the field of blockchain for Fortune 500 companies for many times. The industry is rich in resources and maintains friendly cooperative relations with the top players in the industry. He has participated in publishing the "China Internet Finance Security Development Report 2017", and the translator of the best-selling book "Crypto Assets-Digital Asset Innovation Investment Guide".

Butterfly Contract Emperor CMO.

Uncle Coin CMO. The old leek in the currency circle is responsible for brand and market related work in the coin.

[Media Interview Group]

Wang Xiaomeng Vice President of Babbitt

Mandy Planet Daily Founder and CEO

Bi Tongtong Chief Editor, PANews

Little Turtle Beep News & Little Turtle Say Founder

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Demystify Bybit's new product "black technology", you can open both long and short, insurance contracts!

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Bybit New Product Launch Conference