AMA | Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer: Liquid Network Can Have Same Functionality as DeFi

On the afternoon of March 26th, the development teams of c-lightning, éclair and Lightning Labs, the three giants of Lightning Network, gathered for the first time at ChainNode chain node AMA. According to Samson Mow, chief strategy officer of Blockstream (c-lightning development team), the word "DeFi" is a bit vague and the definition is unclear, so it is difficult to determine what is or is not DeFi. The Lightning Network is detrusted and decentralized, and it does bring comprehensive solutions to problems that cannot be solved with the Bitcoin main chain.

He also pointed out that the Liquid Network will also soon deploy the Simplicity smart contract language, which means that more innovative projects can be created with the same functionality as DeFi (DeFi in our eyes). Buzzwords like "DeFi" don't matter, what's important is to create products that users need. AMA link: