AMA | ACINQ CEO: Lightning Network will have a certain degree of centralization

On the afternoon of March 26th, the development teams of c-lightning, éclair and Lightning Labs, the three giants of Lightning Network, gathered for the first time at ChainNode chain node AMA. ACINQ (éclair development team) CEO Pierre Marie said that like everything with economies of scale, the Lightning Network will have a certain degree of centralization. This is the fact that there will be larger nodes and smaller nodes. There are two important things to consider: there are also factors that drive decentralization, such as the ability to protect nodes. It sets a limit, that is, the size that a node can reach vs. the risk of being hacked; as a user, it does n’t matter if you have a larger node (which may want to review you or be controlled by someone you do n’t like) You can bypass them. This is the main difference between Lightning Network payments and legacy on-chain payments. AMA link: