IPSE ecological token POST will officially land in HitBTC, the largest European exchange, and enter with heavy investment

According to official IPSE news, the IPSE Eco-token POST will be officially launched on the HitBTC Exchange at 22:00 Singapore time on the 26th of this month (recharge at 21:00). At the same time, HitBTC China representative Joey officially announced his investment in POST, which has greatly promoted the construction of the IPSE super ecology.

IPSE is a search layer application on top of IPFS infrastructure. The birth of IPSE brings IPFS to industrial applications in the true sense, thereby stimulating the great value potential of the distributed data era. IPSE proposes highly innovative and revolutionary decentralized and distributed solutions in three levels: traceability, data storage and port usage.

Since the launch of the two major exchanges BitTok and BigOne on February 15, POST has grown against the backdrop of the global economic recession and has performed well. HitBTC crypto digital currency exchange platform was established in the UK in 2013 and now has 800 trading pairs, ranking among the top three on the CoinMarketCap exchange liquidity ranking.

HitBTC trading platform is known for its advanced matching engine, multi-currency support and friendly customer service. In addition to trading between digital currencies, HitBTC also provides trading pairs for fiat and digital currencies, namely the US dollar and euro markets. The IPSE ecological token POST is about to be launched on the British HitBTC exchange, which not only means that the global layout of IPSE is gradually deepening, but also that the development of IPSE is elevated to a new height.