Chain node AMA 丨 Samson Mow: No better asset than Bitcoin

On the afternoon of March 26th, the development teams of c-lightning, éclair and Lightning Labs, the three giants of Lightning Network, gathered for the first time at ChainNode chain node AMA. When asked "is this the same as the 2008 economic crisis", Samson Mow, chief strategy officer of Blockstream (c-lightning development team), said that this time is different, this economic crisis was caused by multiple reasons, Including a major Black Swan incident: the new crown virus. Factories around the world are closed and people don't buy much. The market needs cash, so they have to sell everything they can, including BTC. However, the price of bitcoin has not fallen as much (not as much as the stock), which means that many people still believe in bitcoin because bitcoin may be the only currency that can counter the horrendous inflation we now face .

He believes that Bitcoin is now decoupled from the traditional market. Prices are returning to $ 7,000, and despite trillions of dollars of liquidity being injected, the stock market remains sluggish. It's only 48 days before Bitcoin halved. When fiat currencies print trillions of dollars at a time, Bitcoin's inflation rate will fall by 1.8%. There is no better asset than Bitcoin.

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