Chain node AMA 丨 Pierre Marie: The price of bitcoin cannot benefit from the trillions of countries' rescue policies, I will be surprised

On the afternoon of March 26th, the development teams of c-lightning, éclair and Lightning Labs, the three giants of Lightning Network, gathered for the first time at ChainNode chain node AMA. When asked "is this the same as the 2008 economic crisis", ACINQ (éclair development team) CEO Pierre Marie believes that our environment may be worse than in 2008. Central banks in Europe and the United States have both announced trillion-dollar bailout policies, and we are waiting for the People's Bank of China's move, but it may be similar. "I don't think this will eventually become a savings tax, it will only increase the value proposition of Bitcoin. Short-term price fluctuations may be due to other factors (panic, liquidity demand). We will see in the coming months That will happen, but I would be surprised if the price of Bitcoin does not benefit from all of this. "

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