CoinDCX CEO: India is an untapped hot market for the crypto industry

According to AMBCrypto, CoinDCX co-founder and CEO Sumit Gupta recently spoke about the impact of India's lifting of the RBI ban and the prospects of cryptocurrencies in a live broadcast. Gupta emphasized the importance of India to the crypto industry: "India gives you the opportunity to drive 1.3 billion people into the blockchain ecosystem. This is a huge number, about 20% of the world's population … in terms of data, India is definitely a hot market for this ecosystem, it is an untapped market. "According to Gupta, in India, most people attracted by crypto see it as a form of investment. He further commented on the nature of crypto users in India: "People have invested in bitcoin in the past year. The main reason is that they are looking for other investment channels besides gold and real estate." He went on to emphasize that along with regulatory transparency, Increasingly, India's crypto technology may attract a larger percentage of retail investors.