Informed: At least 10 Telegram blockchain project investors intend to recover their investment funds

According to The Block, at least 10 investors in the Telegram blockchain project are preparing to recover their funds. Yakov Barinsky, head of the Russian crypto investment company Hash CIB, told TASS: "At least 10 investors who have spoken to me now tend to get back 72% of their investment funds. Considering what is happening in the financial market, this proposal now looks It's much better than last October. "In October last year, TON investors received an option to get back about 77% of their funds. But at the time they did not request a refund and agreed to delay the launch of TON until April 30, 2020. Telegram founder Pavel Durov told investors that from October to April of the following year, only 72% of the capital injection will be refunded, and the remaining 5% will be consumed during the development process in these months. Earlier news, US courts have issued a preliminary injunction against Telegram's token issuance. The TON Community Foundation said that they are now discussing possible ways to launch TON without Telegram's participation. TON Community Foundation founder Fedor Skuratov said the community is discussing options and no final decision has been made. According to an investor who asked not to be named, about half of investors currently want Telegram to refund, while the other half wants Telegram to propose a token issuance.