Media: The main offender of "House N" mostly trades with XRM, and it is not easy to recover crypto assets

An investigation by CoinDesk Korea found that Zhao Zhubin, the main culprit in the "N-room" case in South Korea, mainly covered his tracks by trading Monero XMR. According to a case heard by the South Korean Supreme Court in 2018, in South Korea, cryptocurrency is considered a property, and once the holder is convicted, its crypto property will be confiscated. But this is not easy. Authorities must find wallets and private keys that store digital assets. South Korean lawyer Han Seo-hee said: "Zhao Zhubin may say that he has forgotten the private key, and if he refuses to submit, there is no way to force him (Zhao Zhubin) to hand over crypto assets." Although it has been proven that Zhao Zhubin has more than 500 from all over the world More than 8,800 ETH was received in the wallet, which is currently valued at about $ 1.2 million, but most of his payments are traded in XMR. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it is almost impossible for a third party to track XMR payments. Without Zhao Zhubin's cooperation, even how much money he received would not be known.