Report: European institutions take leading positions in cryptocurrency investment participation, but overall remain low

According to AMBCrypto, research reports released by Acuiti in collaboration with Bitstamp and CME Group show that many institutions have been reluctant to embrace digital assets, and investment participation is still low. Acuiti's survey targets executives from buyers, sellers and proprietary trading groups that specialize in traditional derivatives trading, clearing and execution. The results show that less than a fifth of traditional companies use digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for transactions. The survey also found that 26% of seller service providers chose digital asset trading, while only 17% of traditional trading companies chose digital asset trading. The trading volume peaked in May 2019 and then gradually declined. The survey also found that demand for traditional trading companies is currently growing. Relative to the needs of customers entering or expanding into the transaction space, the adoption rate of service providers has been rising. Overall, Europe has been a leader in institutional cryptocurrency investment participation.