Token Analyst executive: Bitcoin network hashrate decline is not due to miners surrender

On March 25, Bitcoin's hashrate dropped sharply to 75 / EHs, and just a day ago, the hashrate soared to more than 100 EH / s. According to an executive at Token Analyst, the decline in network computing power was not due to the surrender of miners. The chart shows that despite the decline in computing power, the number of bitcoins held by miners has remained stable and is actually at its latest high since January 2020. Here, the miner's wallet balance is determined by the probabilistic heuristic. Other statistics also show that there has been little problematic change in the Bitcoin balance of miners in the top mining pools. The Bitcoin balance on has changed a bit, but other exchanges remain unaffected. When observing the computing power of these miners, the single network of most major mining pools did not show any decline, of which only the Bitfury, BTC-Top, 1thash, and via BTC mining pools experienced small declines.