The 84th Executive Meeting of Gansu: Bring into play the role of technological innovation in the application of blockchain technology

On March 26th, Gansu Governor Tang Renjian presided over the 84th executive meeting of the 13th provincial government to study and improve the scientific and technological ecological environment of Gansu. The meeting emphasized that we must give full play to the role of scientists and researchers, implement a more effective and effective talent policy, give a high-level look, love three points, create an optimal environment for learning, research and development, and talent training, and solve the "worries". "Fame and Fortune". We must pay close attention to the key areas of "new infrastructure", make better use of scientific and technological innovation in 5G network construction, blockchain technology applications, "smart government affairs" and other aspects, accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy for economic growth, and promote the province's transition from a large science and technology province Advance in science and technology.