Interdisciplinary, industry-education integration: the first blockchain major in China is here

Source of this article: The Science and Technology Daily , the original title "The first major of the blockchain undergraduate major comes, teaches both knowledge and practice"

Author: Sheng Li Tao Yuxiang

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the filing and approval of undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities in 2019. The "Blockchain Project (080917T)" declared by Chengdu University of Information Technology was approved to add new approval majors in 2019, which is the first "blockchain in the country" Engineering.

The relevant person in charge of the "Blockchain Engineering" major said in an interview with the reporter of Science and Technology Daily that the major aims to train and master computer science and technology basic knowledge, the basic theory of blockchain technology and the development method of blockchain projects. System design and implementation capabilities, blockchain project management and implementation capabilities, and the ability to conceive, design, implement, and run systems in practical application environments. In the future, it will be possible to design and develop blockchain project systems, blockchain project management, and block Application-oriented senior professionals who play an innovative role in the field of chain system services.

Interdisciplinary, computer knowledge is the foundation

The key technology of the blockchain is the result of the innovation of multiple types of computer technology new application models, covering distributed computing storage, point-to-point transmission network, encryption algorithms, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, etc., involving a wide range of disciplines. The curriculum is inseparable from the interdisciplinary integration.

The relevant person in charge of the blockchain professional said that blockchain involves theories and disciplines of multiple disciplines such as computer science and technology, software engineering, cyberspace security, information and communication engineering, data science and big data technology, intelligent science and technology, etc. Technology and implementation of cross-disciplinary integration is an aspect that is particularly important when designing professional training programs.

The reporter saw in the training plan that the major has four modules: computer science basic knowledge course, blockchain core technology-related professional basic course, blockchain specialty course, and blockchain industry application course.

"The basic knowledge courses of computer science and the basic courses related to the core technology of blockchain are set up to integrate the courses that were originally scattered among multiple disciplines into the specialty of blockchain engineering." The person in charge introduced the basic knowledge of computer science Courses include operating systems, data structures and algorithms, programming, database systems, computer networks, software engineering, etc. The basic professional courses related to blockchain core technology include cryptography, distributed systems and storage, information security, P2P (person-to-person ) Networks, distributed consensus algorithms, etc.

"Blockchain engineering special courses are newly opened, including blockchain principles, consensus algorithm development, smart contract development, blockchain application development, blockchain algorithm, blockchain platform development, blockchain virtual machine, etc. "The person in charge said that in order to further cultivate complex senior professionals who understand both the underlying technology of the blockchain, as well as the blockchain architecture and industry application development, they have also established some blockchain industry application courses in conjunction with enterprises, including Finance, supply chain management, public services, healthcare, education and employment.

Industry-education integration to precisely match industry needs

In recent years, government and industry have attached great importance to the development of blockchain technology and applications. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Communications Research Institute, Tencent, Zhilian and other institutions have successively released white papers on blockchain technology, blockchain industry applications, and blockchain talent requirements. Analyze the current status and development trend of blockchain technology, blockchain applications and talent needs.

As the nation ’s first “blockchain engineering” major, many things have no experience templates to learn from. How to arrange teaching resources to meet the needs of social talent training is a question that needs to be considered.

"Although our university is the first university in China to have a 'blockchain engineering' specialty, many domestic and foreign universities including Cornell University, MIT, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, and Peking University have already Blockchain-related courses or laboratories have been opened. "The relevant person in charge said that the experience of the pioneers of blockchain education at home and abroad, as well as the suggestions of industry and industry experts and existing relevant professional experts in the school, provided the construction of the specialty. Important reference.

Chengdu University of Information Technology has long focused on the training of information technology talents. The person in charge introduced that the school has accumulated a large number of teachers with deep professional backgrounds and excellent experimental equipment, which has laid a solid foundation for the discipline and professional support.

"The composition of the teaching team is more abundant. It includes both full-time teachers from various disciplines in the school, and part-time teachers from research institutions and industry companies. In particular, it has increased the intensity of hiring teachers from industry companies to participate in the guidance of practical teaching." .

"The construction of the blockchain engineering major is an important measure to actively respond to the needs and challenges of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial changes to the talent training of local colleges and universities, and to serve the national and regional industrial development strategies." Engineering construction is an important starting point, closely connecting the economic belt, urban agglomeration, and industrial chain layout, providing talent support and intellectual support for regional economic society to improve industrial competitiveness and converge and develop new kinetic energy, and to accelerate the cultivation of more new industries, new technologies, The applied, compound and innovative high-quality talents in the field of new economy have important exploration value and reference significance.