The first in Beijing! The Blockchain Application Platform of Xicheng District Opens the Information Barriers of Multiple Departments, Citizens "Brush Faces" Can Do Things

Source: Beijing Daily

Editor's Note: The original title was "Xicheng District Blockchain Application Platform Opens Multiple Departments' Information Barriers for the First Time in the City!" Citizens can do things by "brushing their faces"

The newspaper (reporter Wang Haiyan) can do things without having to show his ID card. Yesterday, the Xicheng District Blockchain Application Platform was officially launched. Citizens do not need to submit original ID cards and photocopies when they handle nearly a hundred items such as the allocation of passenger car indicators, lawyers' practice licenses, etc. This is the first time in the city .

Yesterday at 14:00, citizen Zhao Ming came to the Xicheng District Government Service Hall to handle the business of changing information on the allocation of passenger car indicators. Under the guidance of the staff, he used his mobile phone to log in to the Beijing Tong blockchain electronic certificate application platform in Alipay. After my authorization, the staff obtained Zhao Ming's ID card and electronic ID card, and the whole business took less than 1 minute.

"In the past, such personal matters required the presentation of my original ID card and a copy. Now, through the blockchain technology, the information barriers of multiple departments can be opened. As long as the citizen's authorization is obtained, our staff can start from the block. The relevant documents are read directly on the chain platform. "Yu Xinzhan, spokesman for the Xicheng District Government Service Bureau, said.

Not only do you need to bring your ID card, you do n’t need to prepare ID card for other people. The client only needs to authorize the client on the mobile applet.

From now on, citizens who work in the Xicheng District Government Service Hall can use the Alipay-Beijing Mini Program to “brush face” for nearly a hundred business matters such as inquiries on business files, allocation of passenger car indicators, lawyers ’licenses, and replenishment of doctors’ licenses. The use of electronic license information will be stored on the blockchain from authorization to subsequent confirmations and signatures. The clerk can check his authorization record at any time. The procedure can be traced back and the information cannot be tampered with. The entire process is convenient for citizens. And protect personal privacy.

The electronic ID photo application is one of the functions of the Xicheng District Blockchain Application Platform. Yu Xinzhan introduced that in order to take advantage of the advantages of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, and improving collaboration efficiency, early this year, Xicheng District spent nearly 3 months piloting the establishment of a blockchain application platform to further Optimize government services.

This pilot focused on the cancellation of enterprises, the cancellation of corporate social security accounts, the establishment and change of micro-loan companies, social medical assistance, marriage registration, identification of urban and rural minimum living guarantee objects, permits for construction waste elimination, joint acceptance of construction projects, "I want to do "Supermarket" 9 scene applications and electronic certificate on-site verification 1 scene application. A total of 8 departments at the national and municipal levels provide 13 types of data as support for scenario applications. As for the data and information that can be shared, companies and individuals no longer need to repeatedly submit and submit.

Take the cancellation of an enterprise as an example. In the past, before a company cancelled its business, newspaper announcements were required. 45 days after the announcement, you must bring the original newspaper to the business hall for relevant procedures. Now, the clerk can initiate online processing through the "Xicheng e service" WeChat public account, and after the unified identity authentication and live verification of Beijing, fill in the company information, contact information, and liquidation group information and complete the newspaper announcement declaration. After the newspaper office receives the application for registration and completes the processing of the registration, it passes the newspaper sample to the blockchain. When the publicity period expires and the company goes to the lobby to handle the cancellation of the enterprise, the newspaper samples originally submitted as office materials will be checked and archived by the lobby staff in the background instead of requiring the staff to prepare.