KB National Bank of Korea applies for trademark KBDAC related to virtual asset management services

According to Digital Today, relevant persons in the financial industry revealed that on January 31 this year, KB National Bank of Korea applied to the Patent Office for the "KBDAC" trademark with a virtual asset service brand. According to its filing in the Patent Office, the trademark is related to the investment, consulting, trading, and investment of virtual assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also includes virtual asset custody, clearing, over-the-counter transactions, trusts, virtual assets and currencies Between transactions and so on. It is reported that the process of trademark registration is application, review, announcement and registration. Registration takes 6 months for short periods and 1 to 2 years for long periods. A KB National Bank official said that “KBDAC is related to the content of KB National Bank ’s decision to cooperate with the blockchain technology company Atomrigs Lab in June 2019, and is currently developing KBDAC products.” However, it has not kept abreast of the KBDAC listing time. . It is reported that the DAC in the trademark name KBDAC is the abbreviation of "Digital Asset Custody".