Leek flower | insist on fixed vote for two years, I did not expect that I still lose

"Someone can solve a three-day meal for only five yuan: Invert the mushroom sauce, use the separated fried supermarket to buy the reduced-price eggs, and pair it with a bag of dragon whisk noodles. Remember to pay with a credit card and earn points .

The member of the Grade A office building near Sports West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, spent only 10 yuan a week to eat, and all the money saved bought Bitcoin. "

When you are in this industry that has a lot of money, you have seen too many millions of dollars, even a brave player who has become rich overnight, and you suddenly find that the ultimate "save money" in the Douban Men ’s Federation group, you have to buy bitcoin Do cryptocurrency players have a sense of mystery? Without the blessing of riches, most of these players who plan to invest in Bitcoin are unknown.

In this issue of the Leek Flower column, we turn our attention to this low-key group. "Jackman" who has not speculated in coins and has seen too many lies is not a Bitcoin believer, but it does not prevent him from continuing to vote for nearly two years, "at least wait for the price of the currency to rise to $ 20,000."

Of course, Jackpot is not a lawyer, but it can also be an old leek who is still disheartened by the currency circle, or a fledgling graduate, or maybe even just a curious novice. They may be tired of the excitement and anxiety of studing a coin, or they may have a hint of illusion about cryptocurrencies after losing the principal and choose not to leave the market.

Although you and I both know that "bear market entry and stock hoarding and bull market sell coin exiting" are excellent investment methods, how many people can actually practice it? You may be able to see your shadow on the following fixed or determined fixed-shot players.

"Family does not know that I am planning to invest in Bitcoin"

Making money, and then making more money, has always been the most real and simple wish of players on the cryptocurrency exchange. Big bets and studs were once considered to be brave performances, and fixed shots are different.

In a way, fixed investment is anti-human, it will not make you rich for a short time, nor will it make you a household name. From the perspective of "Jickey" who has insisted on fixed investment for the past two years, to become a loyal player in the fixed investment ranks, it is necessary to overcome far more than laziness.

On the first day of the working day, the first thing that "Jacques Man", who has been engaged in for many years, has come to the office, is not to organize the files, but to open the trading platform APP, place an order, transfer money, take a screenshot, and then supplement the data Recorded a special Excel registration form, which has been adhered to for more than a year. It has become a habit. If he encounters an unexpected situation and fails to catch up with the fixed vote, he will forget about it all day, and he will not be reliable.

From September 11, 2018 to March 26, 2020, 561 days, 91 issues. The time spent on the fixed investment for the "Jacques Man" who is familiar with buying coins is only 5 minutes each time. The time is selected on Monday The reason is that "the company may not have entered the working state soon enough", and investing more than 50,000 a year is completely affordable for him.

In fact, in the crypto investment circle, there is also a vague chain of contempt. For example, those who play contracts don't look down on the spot, and those who play the spot don't look down on fixed investment. From the perspective of these brave players, gaining profits from the treacherous market is much more exciting than the honest fixed investment, and the revenue record is also better.


Last year, in March and April, due to misjudgment, the cost of replenishment (purple) was higher than the original time cost (orange).

The fixed vote may seem simple, but even if "Jacques Man" stipulates a fixed vote every Monday, he will not be able to comply with 100%. In August and September 2018, he decided to invest in several periods. He did not buy it because he suspected it was too expensive. Later, he decided to invest 10,000 yuan on the same day. At the beginning, he also extended the timeline for the fixed investment to July 2. Strictly speaking, his operation cannot 100% objectively reflect the results of a certain vote every week.

In addition to early corrections, Jackpot has also experienced several times that he thought he was smart and ended up being smart. For example, in March last year, he thought that the price of currency would continue to fall. I did not expect that the cost of the subsequent investment would be much higher than before. After thinking about the use of supplementary purchases for long-term cost sharing, it was not useful. Changed the plan.

The family did not know that "Jacques Man" was scheduled to invest in Bitcoin. When Bitcoin fell sharply at the end of 2018, his wife accidentally saw the description of "Double Eleven Bitcoin Half Price" in the circle of friends and expressed curiosity. He had wanted to first Attempting to explain Bitcoin, and then revealing his decision to vote, ended up because the other party was not interested.

Lost doubts about life, decided to vote in the Buddhist department

Speaking of the fixed vote, "Jacques Coin" is very grateful to a person, this player nicknamed "no bit in his hand", started in the earliest bitcoin forum in China.

Two months after he entered the circle to "investigate", "No Bit in His Hand" started a scheduled investment journey from March 16, 2015. His plan is to place a fixed amount of bitcoin worth 1,000 yuan per week, and disclosed three Bitcoin addresses. In the next two years, he had various doubts about Bitcoin, such as "Bitcoin is not playing", "It seems that Bitcoin has no hope in 2016", "It's a bit of fun to not have", but the fixed vote has continued, and eventually paid about After the cost of 110,000 yuan, 44.31 bitcoins were harvested. When the bitcoin price was the highest, his yield was nearly 5000%, which was a model for successful investment.


Screenshot source: Babbitt

The scheduled investment was finally terminated in February 2017. According to him, the domestic trading platform banned the withdrawal of coins that year, but until now, the coins in his wallet address have not been transferred, and even increased in March of this year.

The case of "no bit in the hand" is still enthusiastic and has led more people to the road of fixed investment, including novices and old chives who have experienced thousands of sails.

Unlike the "Jacques Man" who did not give up his post and took into account the fixed investment, remembering the ridiculous experience of resigning and speculating in coins two years ago, Wang Shu (a pseudonym) who has returned to normal life is like another generation. Like most investors who entered the bull market, Wang Shu's currency circle was not surprisingly rich overnight. He resigned resolutely to invest in the IC0 project and follow the news, from a profit of more than 200,000 to a loss of tens of thousands. The process took just two months, in his words, "like dreaming."

Wang Shu was a big fan of Martians (Xu Zijing), followed his live broadcast, and also held his views as Guiyu, and now wants to come "too young." When the bear market just landed in 2018, Wang Shu, who was seeing a slump, was still very excited and fantasized about copying riches. However, the money made by luck was eventually lost by strength. From March to May 2018, he bought 30 yuan from the HSR of 250 yuan all the way to cover the position, taking the spot and adding leverage.

After three months of death, he finally closed the position at 23 yuan. Overnight, not only did all the profits dissipate, but it also lost tens of thousands of dollars. After reflection, he decided not to touch leverage and choose the most secure method-fixed investment. Starting from the beginning of 2019, he left the market a few months later after gaining 32.6% of his earnings.

Every two or three months, "J Coin Man" always withdraws Bitcoins from the platform into a cold wallet. As of now, "J Coin Man" has invested about 90,000 yuan in total, and two bits have been laid in the wallet. Currency, based on the Bitcoin market price of $ 6,600 on March 25, currently has a total value of less than 90,000 and a yield of -1.17%. However, this figure was still 60% 20 days ago.


"Paccoin" fixed investment record

Seeing the multiples of others' gains, "Jacques Man" admired, admitting that his own technology of currency speculation does not require courage; seeing assets shrink, "Jacques Man" will also lose, but fortunately this sense of imbalance can be adjusted quickly. He remembers that the darkest time was from December 18 to January 19, when his fixed investment floating loss reached 43%, and the entire crypto market was also mournful.

From the beginning of his intestines and practice, to sitting on Mount Tai today, it has taken the "Jickey Coin Man" almost a year.

Return to zero mentality

Like many investment markets, the cryptocurrency market is short and strong. Many people do not believe in Bitcoin and do not participate in the construction of the crypto ecosystem, but they do not prevent them from making money here. In this highly fluctuating "casino", some people get rich through bankruptcy and bankruptcy, while others try to share the cost of buying coins over time through a long stream of water.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment target? An overseas Reddit netizen named "Joe-M-4" spent more than two years on the first day of each year to buy 100 US dollars in the top ten currencies by market capitalization, for a total of 1,000 US dollars, and performed a crypto The experiment ended with a loss of nearly 81% at the end of 2018, and a profit of 47.2% the next year. In February of this year, he made another 51%. From more than half a miserable loss to half a profit, the reality of cryptocurrencies is uncertain.


Joe-M-4's $ 1,000 investment lost 81% in the first year

"Jackman" does not believe that similar to the belief that bitcoin will replace fiat currency in the future, but he acknowledges that bitcoin is an excellent target for hype. As long as the capital does not give up the hype, bitcoin will not return to zero, and expectations for future earnings have prompted He persists to this day, and he has made the worst plan—zero.

Because fixed investment does not necessarily make a steady profit. Fortunately, those lucky people who accidentally got involved in the currency circle in the early days were inadvertently reaped high gains just because they bought it by hand. Some people have fixed their investment since the beginning of the year and have been happy with the bottom-success one month ago. With the recent price drop, they are back again. At the point of origin, they even lost a lot; they also believed that others were bewildered and blindly believed. From the highest point of Bitcoin two years ago, they "take the order" all the way.

The cryptocurrency market has its own set of operating rules. In the face of speculative speculators, it will automatically turn on the cleaning mode. The bear market ca n’t see the hope of cutting meat because of floating losses, and it is anxious to put earnings in a hurry, which are not real. Fixed vote. In a way, unless Bitcoin is loyal, only fixed-throw players with a mindset of zeroing can survive here.