Exchange Rollover Records: A Article Seeing 64 Rollover Accidents Since 2018

Editor's Note: The original title was "Exchange Overturn"

Source: Tokenin

Users using a centralized exchange need to trust the exchange's fund management capabilities unconditionally; however, as a product that depends on the Internet, digital assets have been hacked by hackers. In addition to being stolen, some exchanges are embezzled by employees, and even self-directed and hacker attacks are chaotic. This article presents incomplete statistical results of exchange security incidents since 2018.

I. Rollover overview

The use of centralized exchanges by users requires unconditional trust in the funds management capabilities of the exchanges; however, as a product that depends on the Internet, digital assets have been attacked by hackers from beginning to end. According to the public data in Slow Mist District, the total value of stolen digital assets in centralized exchanges has exceeded $ 4.5 billion.

The number of stolen numbers and the amount of stolen money for each role in the digital asset ecosystem Source: Slow Fog Zone; TokenInsight

In addition to being stolen, some exchanges have corruption and even self-directed hacker attacks, which can be described as chaotic. This article presents incomplete statistical results of exchange security incidents since 2018.

Reviews of rollovers

The first half of 2018: EtherDelta completely overturned, the pioneer of centralized exchanges

February: EtherDelta (Israel-Germany) exchange runs a lot of money, the impact is very bad; public information shows that the reasons for its complete rollover can be attributed to team discord and unclear equity allocation. In addition, Binance was down for 60 hours; BitGrail lost $ 195 million worth of NANO; Zaif showed a bug and gave away BTC.

March: Huobi, Binance and OKEx were all attacked by hackers with different losses; transaction rollback became the main response. Mr. Exchange and Tokyo Gateway announced their closure in the same month.

April: Hacker attacked BitZ without causing loss of money; Coinsecure employees guarded theft, causing theft of 438 BTC.

Second half of 2018: over 9 trading stops closed for various reasons

June: Cattleex failed to meet the demand for the pull disk, causing miners to crash the disk; 86bex was withdrawn by investors; TBS quietly ran away; three exchanges terminated within one month. In the same month, Bithumb and Bitfinex suffered a primitive and effective DDoS attack.

September: BTK exchange can buy or sell, 300 people defend rights for hundreds of millions of funds; Zaif, who gave away BTC, was attacked again, losing nearly 60 million US dollars.

November: The roll-over tide started, and seven exchanges including MEX, GBL, MapleChange, Bitous, and Bmart ceased operations; the GBL self-directed and hacked blackmail case caused its executives to jail.

The first half of 2019: the blockchain is indeed " difficult to tamper with "

March: Over 4 exchanges were hacked.

In June, 7,000 BTC were stolen by Binance; CZ's Twitter showed that Binance had considered buying a miner for a double spend attack in order to "tamper" with the records on the BTC chain and erase the losses. However, this plan ultimately failed to be implemented, and the blockchain is indeed "difficult to tamper with."

Second half of 2019: Exchanges roll over at the end of the year, investors should be cautious

Monthly statistics of exchanges stopped operating this time Source: TokenInsight

As shown in the above figure, the end of the year is a concentrated period for the complete rollover of the exchange; investors should carefully participate in high-return projects at this stage to avoid extreme risks.

Third, the rollover record of the exchange

(2018 to date; incomplete statistics based on public information)

Stolen Overturn On January 26, 2018, Coincheck, Japan's largest exchange, stole $ 534 million worth of XEM.

Complete rollover In February 2018, the EtherDelta team was at odds with each other, the centralization of equity issues was unclear, and the actual controller Chen Jun ran. Becoming the first decentralized exchange to run, let people see that decentralized exchanges may not be absolutely secure.

Downtime and Rollover In February 2018, a serious outage security incident occurred at the Binance Exchange, which caused Binance to fail to provide services for nearly 60 hours.

Stolen Overturn On February 8, 2018, the Italian digital asset exchange BitGrail was attacked, and NANO, valued at $ 195 million, was stolen.

Technical rollover On February 19, 2018, Zaif Exchange gave away Bitcoin for BUG. Around February 19, a jaw-dropping bug appeared on the Japanese exchange Zaif. Due to a program problem in the currency buying system, a user's account showed that he had purchased 2.1 billion BTC for free with a total value of about 2246 trillion yen. (About 134.24 trillion yuan).

Stolen Overturn On February 15, 2018, the LLC Exchange stole $ 2 million.

Technical rollover In March 2018, Huobi suffered a DDoS attack. The attacker manipulated the currency market and made approximately $ 110 million in short orders.

Technical rollover In March 2018, OKEx showed extreme abnormal behavior for nearly an hour and a half. The quarterly contract of BTC once exceeded the spot index by more than 20 percentage points, with the lowest point approaching $ 4,000, and about 460,000 bitcoin long futures contracts exploded The position, after falling to the lowest point, rose by more than 10 points, and some short positions were also liquidated. OKEx immediately announced the rollback of abnormal transactions.

The stolen rollover On March 7, 2018, Binance was hacked. By controlling some accounts, the hacker sold bitcoins held in these accounts and bought VIA coins, which caused VIA to go up against the market. Binance rolled back the abnormal transaction, but the incident still caused market fears, and Bitcoin dropped by more than 15% in the following days.

Complete rollover In March 2018, Japan's Mr. Exchange and Tokyo Gateway announced their closure.

The stolen rollover On April 1, 2018, BitZ suffered a hacker attack without causing financial losses.

Corruption rollover On April 12, 2018, Coinsecure, one of India's three major bitcoin exchanges, issued an announcement on the official website, stating that 438 BTC were stolen from the exchange, valued at approximately $ 3.3 million. The exchange's chief security officer, Amitabh Saxena, was listed as a suspect. This is India's largest digital asset theft.

Technical rollover On June 5, 2018, Bitfinex was attacked by DDoS, and Bitfinex immediately suspended all transactions on the exchange.

Stolen Overturn On June 10, 2018, the Korean exchange Coinrail was hacked and lost more than $ 50 million.

A complete rollover On June 14, 2018, the Cattleex Exchange announced that due to investors' withdrawal of capital and failure to meet the majority of the miner's pull requirements, they have withdrawn funds and the platform has ceased to operate normally.

Complete rollover On June 20, 2018, 86bex officially announced that due to the platform's continuous losses since its launch and the withdrawal of investors, the platform is now unable to continue operating and will close the withdrawal channel.

Stolen car rollover On June 20, 2018, the South Korean exchange Bithumb was hacked, and $ 30 million worth of digital assets were stolen. This is the third time Bithumb was hacked.

Complete rollover On June 21, 2018, the TBS Exchange closed and ran.

In July 2018, the currency exchange network ran.

On September 11, 2018, an anonymous investor broke the news that the USDT bought on the digital asset exchange BTK (BitKing) could not be withdrawn. At present, the person in charge of the exchange cannot be contacted. It is suspected that online fraud has run off. The exchange platform still cannot be opened, and the number of rights defenders has reached more than 300, involving hundreds of millions of funds.

Stolen Overturn On September 20, 2018, the Japanese exchange Zaif announced that it had been hacked and lost $ 59.67 million. Of this amount, 19.59 million US dollars belongs to the exchange's own funds, and the remaining 40.07 million US dollars belongs to client funds.

Stolen rollover In September 2018, the dimensionality reduction security laboratory monitored the C-CEX exchange against a "short address" attack and notified the exchange as soon as possible. Hackers take away digital assets worth millions of dollars.

The fraud overturned on October 24, 2018, claiming to be the world's first precious metal digital exchange MEX was revealed that its official website could not be opened, and a large number of users failed to withdraw coins.

Complete rollover On October 26, 2018, the Bitcoin trading platform GBL website could not be accessed, the homepage showed hacking messages, and the management team disappeared collectively. Investors have suffered heavy losses. Dramatically, on December 2, the police identified the GBL trading platform as a self-guided and self-running run, and arrested the management staff in a timely manner.

Complete rollover On October 31, 2018, Canadian exchange MapleChange announced on Twitter that all funds had been lost due to the attack, indicating that it could only end its business, and then the official website and Twitter were all closed.

Completely overturned on November 3, 2018, the bitous exchange ran away, and the website and public account were closed after fraud of 20 million. The exchange took only three months from preparation to running.

Stolen Overturn On November 7, 2018, hacker "John Doe" attacked Bitmain's Binance account. Bitmain claimed that 617 bitcoins were stolen with a value of about $ 5.5 million.

Complete rollover On November 9, 2018, the Korean exchange Pure Bit abruptly closed its official homepage and disappeared after taking away 13,500 ETH ($ 2.8 million). However, unlike in the past, this time the exchange wrote an apology letter a few days after it ran, saying that it would return as much as possible to the funds of all the victims. But no matter how guilty or apology the project party is, the fact of "run away" has been established.

Complete rollover On November 16, 2018, Bmart Exchange was exposed that it was unable to withdraw cash and frequently canceled user withdrawal operations. The team suspected that it was running.

Complete rollover On November 19, 2018, the OKUEX (non-ok) exchange issued an emergency announcement announcing that the platform was unable to maintain and the platform decided to suspend all business since the announcement time.

Stolen car rollover In January 2019, Cryptopia exchange was stolen by hackers. On January 15, 28,737 ETH was stolen, and then on January 30, another security breach appeared on the exchange, and 1,675 ETH was stolen;

Accidental rollover In February 2019, QuadrigaCX exchange lost approximately $ 195 million in assets after the sudden death of its founder and CEO;

Corruption rollover In February 2019, the Coinbin Exchange lost USD 26 million due to employee corruption;

Stolen Overturn In March 2019, the DragonEx Exchange was stolen with a loss of USD 5-6 million;

Stolen car rollover In March 2019, Mercatox Exchange was attacked, losing thousands of EOS;

Stolen car rollover In March 2019, South Korea's Bithhumb exchange was stolen $ 20 million;

Stolen car rollover In March 2019, Biki Exchange was hijacked because some users did not bind Google verification codes and third-party verification code service provider text messages, and lost about 120,000 USDT;

Complete rollover In April 2019, the Orbit ABT Exchange ran;

Complete rollover In April 2019, Coinroom Exchange announced the closure, leaving only 1 day to withdraw funds for users, and the website was closed the next day;

Stolen car rolloverIn May 2019, Binance exchange stole 7,000 bitcoins;

In May 2019, Bitker Exchange announced that it would cease operations in September 19;

Stolen car rollover In May 2019, the BitoPro exchange was attacked, losing approximately 7 million XRP;

In May 2019, the operation of Vantone Kaiyuan Exchange ceased, and Shenzhen Economic Investigation was involved;

Stolen car rolloverIn May 2019, Coinbase exchange stolen Bitcoin worth about $ 100,000 due to SIM attack;

Stolen rollover In June 2019, the BiTure exchange was stolen with a loss of USD 4.2 million;

The stolen rollover In June 2019, the price of bitcoin on the Kraken exchange collapsed, from $ 1,200 to $ 100. There is evidence that the reason is that the market was sold after hackers stole 1,200 bitcoins

Complete rollover In June 2019, the Bitsane Exchange ran;

Complete rollover In July 2019, the Soxex Exchange was suspected to be running;

In July 2019, the Bitmarket exchange suddenly closed due to liquidity problems, causing users to lose 2,300 bitcoins a month. Two weeks after the announcement, one of the partners of the exchange was shot dead;

Stolen rollover In July 2019, the Bitpoint exchange was attacked and lost $ 28 million;

Complete rollover In September 2019, the GGBTC exchange was suspected of being exploded. It can only be recharged but not withdrawn;

Complete rollover In January 2019, the Biss Coin Exchange lost contact, and in February 2020, it officially announced the closure of the trading business;

Complete rollover In October 2019, Binance Exchange ceased operation, and the website can no longer be opened;

Complete rollover In October 2019, the Kikcoin exchange ceased operation;

Complete rollover In October 2019, Shuobi Exchange ran off the road;

Complete rollover In November 2019, the shell trade ran, the exchange can only buy, not sell;

Complete rollover In November 2019, Biger Exchange suspended OTC business and announced a "benign exit" in December;

Complete rollover In November 2019, the Bitsoda Exchange announced an indefinite suspension of operations;

Stolen car rollover In November 2019, the Upbit exchange was stolen with $ 50 million;

Fraud rollover In December 2019, Bitgogo Exchange forced to freeze user assets "finance" storm;

Complete rollover in February 2020, Tremor Exchange runs

Technical roll-over from January 10 to February 9, 2020 COBINHOOD temporarily closed the exchange and reviewed the balance of all accounts

Stolen rollover February 10, 2020, Altsbit announced that it will cease operations on May 8, 2020.

Stolen Overturn On February 17, 2020, VBITEX was stolen.