Pantera Capital founder: Bitcoin will mature in crisis

According to Cointelegraph, Pantera Capital founder and CEO Dan Morehead predicts that Bitcoin will "maturity" during the 2020 financial crisis and may hit a record high in 12 months. He made grim forecasts for the economy and said he believes that the global economy is about to enter its first period of negative growth in history. Dan Morehead, speaking of the US economy, said: "I now think that a recession may be larger than any post-war recession." It is noted that during the current and other downturns, Bitcoin has been associated with the stock market. However, he said that after a month or two of falling stock market prices, the correlation of cryptocurrencies tends to decrease. He likens bitcoin to bonds, which tend to shine when markets are turbulent, and predicts that bitcoin will recover in stages and then reach historical highs.