Million annual salary, the same platform of 3 major exchanges—Blockchain Cloud Recruitment Video Live Broadcast Replay

The first "Blockchain Cloud Job Fair" was co-sponsored by Babbitt and Chain International, with special support from the University Blockchain Technology Community (BTCU) and Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park International Blockchain Center (SIBC).

There are 8 companies participating in the live broadcast of the "Recruiting and Buying Horses-Blockchain Cloud Job Fair", including: Jinshan Cloud, Huobi Group, Ouke Group, Binance, Biyuan Chain, Chengdu Chainan, Findora, Everyone enjoys bits. In addition, 3 job seekers participated in our live broadcast.

The live video of "Recruiting and Buying Horses-Blockchain Cloud Employment" is divided into two parts.

In the first session, I will conduct one-on-one interactive interviews with the four companies: Jinshan Cloud Blockchain, Huobi Group, Eurotech Group, and Binance to understand their enterprise and recruitment needs. The interaction time of each enterprise is about 30 minutes. .

The second link is the home of our three job hunters, each of whom has 15 minutes of playing time. You can understand this as the "jobs and careers" of the blockchain industry.

The live broadcast was very hot, with 22,886 views, and after the live broadcast, our staff also received resumes from job seekers, hoping that they could submit resumes to their own companies through Babbitt. This workload is too cumbersome, so I also hope that there is a job search / recruitment need to go to the blockchain cloud job fair homepage to operate it on its own, the homepage address is