European Commission issues tenders calling for "blockchain + defense" solution involving a budget of 254 million yuan

Source: Cointelegraph Chinese , original title "European Commission calls on blockchain to develop defense-focused solutions"


On March 24, the European Commission issued a tender for the European Defense Industry Development Plan, calling on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to propose fast, cost-effective solutions, focusing on new approaches to technologies or concepts that have never been applied to the defense sector And proposals.

Combination of blockchain and "digital mapping" for logistics


For blockchain, the European Commission has provided an outline to guide the application of the project. If successful, its budget of 254 million euros for 2019-2020 will cover the blockchain project. Specifically, proposals sought by the European Commission include:

"Based on the real-time cloud and internal digital mapping enhanced by blockchain technology, it can meet all the current optimized logistics needs, such as spare parts chains, maintenance, energy consumables, etc."

A digital map refers to a virtual representation or mirror of any physical entity, asset, or process, whether it be a machine, object, infrastructure, or person. The field of blockchain can strengthen the integrity of digital mapping, for example, allowing the use of tamper-resistant encrypted tags to verify the origin, status, and ownership of products or objects.

As stated in a Deloitte report in 2018, the combination of digital mapping and blockchain can bring special benefits to industries such as the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things can be used for predictive maintenance of production environments, as well as other applications.

Deloitte pointed out that blockchain can provide secure identity management, transparent ownership model and efficient data analysis, which can enhance the flexibility and resilience of various systems.

From the above outline, it can be seen that the European Commission recognizes the potential of the combination of blockchain and digital mapping in different key areas of defense, such as supply chain, equipment maintenance and energy.

Submission of the project will begin on April 15, with a tentative deadline of December 1, 2020. The specific deadline depends on the control of the new crown virus epidemic.

Blockchain in the field of defense


According to a recent report, BAE Systems, a U.S. contractor that provides support and service solutions for defense, intelligence, and civilian systems, opened a vacant position for the so-called "cryptocurrency pioneer" last month to support its operations.

As early as July 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense released the country's blockchain technology plan on its four-year digital modernization roadmap.

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