Cocos-BCX announces the list of the first 38 mainnet ecological partners at home and abroad

On March 26th, Cocos-BCX, the next-generation gaming digital economic platform, announced the first batch of 38 mainnet ecological partners at home and abroad, namely DappReview, pure white matrix, CocosABC, COCOS integrated terminal, Cobo, Bitpie, and slow fog zone security. Node, Planet Taiken, Chain Play Hall, DappOS,, CardMaker, IMCOCOS, Coco Lion Tribe, Gyro Finance, DAPPX, HICOCOS, CocosX, DAppChaser, Wildflower said COCOS, FansCOCOS, GBAC, Bit Rubik's Cube, HelloPool, COCOS Micro Teams, ABA, SP Expansion Machine, Cryptoblarabi, COCOS Little Angel Community, Avon Community, SSSnodes Super Node, PANDA Community, TokenHODL, Hongmeng Capital Community, Star Community, Small Target Community, Cocos-BCX Sri Lanka and Coin-net. com.

Cocos-BCX officially launched the first phase of 345 million COCOS mainnet ecological partners' incentive optimization 2.0 on March 24, and will build the Cocos-BCX mainnet ecosystem for outstanding global organizations and individuals.