Analysis shows: bulls are not dead, short below bullish trend line to be bearish

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European session, BTC temporarily reported at $ 6711.3 (1.40%). This morning, BTC failed to try to break above $ 7,000 again, and the price of the currency rose to $ 6,900, which was hindered and fell. It continues to fluctuate above $ 6,500. OKEx analyst Neo believes that although the trend in the early part of this week is steady and rising, as the currency price is approaching the strong resistance area of ​​6900 ~ 7000 USD, the bulls are gradually exhausted, the stagnation pattern is obvious, and it has repeatedly rushed higher but quickly fell back, but the bulls Rather than being smashed by the bears, it showed strong acceptance in the $ 6,500 area. As far as the current trend is concerned, although the support below is strong, the confidence of the bulls will gradually weaken with the repeated high failures, and the downside risk will gradually increase. However, investors should note that the bullish trend line at the hour level has not Before being broken, you need to be cautiously bearish, and $ 6,400 may become the reference price below the trend line.

ETH continues to be under pressure from the resistance range of 140 to 145 US dollars. If the bullish trend line is broken recently (near 134 US dollars) and there is no rebound in a few hours or the rebound cannot break above 134 US dollars, the bearish market outlook can continue to be short to 110 to 120 US dollars nearby.

The XRP bull market started suddenly in the early hours of this morning, and once continued to break through the strong resistance of 0.1750 US dollars, but fell back to around 0.1710 US dollars after touching 0.1840 US dollars. This is not the first time that XRP has risen against the trend. The bottom at the end of the year has once again become a short-term resistance that is difficult to break through. If you can't stand above $ 0.1750 for a short time or prove that the previous rebound bullet has been exhausted, there is still a chance to continue testing the resistance of $ 0.1840. OKB is temporarily quoted at $ 4.405 (5.00%).