Explore the ant blockchain Open Day: We have seen the arrival of the blockchain commercial era!

On March 29th, the ant blockchain held a special Open Day in Shanghai.

The event venue is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, where two high-profile blockchain companies, Ant Double Chain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Ant Blockchain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., are located. This is the two blockchain innovation advance team specially established after Ant Financial took the blockchain as a major strategic technology.

The Huangpu District, which is the core functional area of ​​Shanghai International Financial Center and the main position for the construction of Shanghai International Science and Technology Center, attaches great importance to high-tech innovative enterprises. On February 25th, the Huangpu District Government specially held for the two new companies of ants. the opening ceremony.

The Open Day was held in the office of Ant Double Chain Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is the first show after the establishment of the new company .

Ant blockchain

The five characters of the “ant blockchain” at the front desk of the company are eye-catching. The wall of the office area shows the introduction and application progress of the ant blockchain. The name of the conference room is also very blockchain elements , such as: time stamp conference room, oracle conference room, hash tree conference room, creation block conference room, blockchain conference room, Byzantine conference room.


As an essential part of the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition ( click for details ), Open Day aims to help participating companies optimize their projects. Ant Financial Group block industry experts visit the site and conduct one-on-one communication with entrepreneurial projects. To solve the industry problems in the blockchain field, such as solutions, products, technologies, and ecological development, and to explore targeted solutions.

According to the agenda, Open Day lasted from 9:30 am to around 7 pm, and the conference room set up a special session on supply chain finance, a credible deposit certificate, traceability and three other innovative scenes. Investor exchange area, technical exchange area and media area are set up in the hall.


The classmates of the ant blockchain came to the office early to prepare, and in order to facilitate the distinction, each person wore a blue badge. As long as you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you can't answer them, please ask the relevant students to help you.

From the list of contestants, these project parties mainly come from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other regions. From the list of the first blockchain project records of the recent network office cloth, these four cities happen to be the most applied areas. local.

In the opening speech session, Li Jieli, senior director of Ant Financial and BaaS platform leader, said that Ant Financial Service attaches great importance to blockchain technology and has placed the blockchain as the next strategic focus. In 2019, the ant blockchain will be based on the blockchain innovation competition. Through the competition, the outstanding projects will be developed together to create new value.


(Senior Director of Ant Financial, BaeS Platform Leader Li Jieli)

Next, we will enter the one-on-one Q&A session of the intense experts. Each project has 50 minutes of communication time, and the people in the hall are much less. Participants who were not arranged were gathered in the hall, and the three or five groups spontaneously communicated.

"Our company is also in the forefront of the blockchain. It is found that many blockchain applications are not particularly practical. They are basically traceable, deposited, and then livelihood, and poverty alleviation, truly commercial. There are not many cases where the value or meaning is generated."

Tucao, a supply chain finance company, is working with ant blockchain experts to discuss how the supply chain finance business interfaces with the ant's judicial alliance chain .

One of the doubts of the project side is whether the project side needs to join the alliance chain as a node to witness, thus endorsing the business, such as allowing banks to provide higher credit lines for supply chain financial enterprises.

In this regard, the head of the ant blockchain judicial alliance chain introduced that the judicial alliance chain can be regarded as two layers, and the court, the notary office, the judicial appraisal center, the CA/RA institution, the ant fund service, etc., deploy nodes at the bottom layer, and the upper-level business side Nodes are usually not deployed. The data uplink needs to comply with the ant blockchain technical specification and the standards of the Hangzhou Internet Court. The data witnessed by the node has legal effect, but the court will not endorse the business conduct of the business itself. That is, it will not be able to obtain a higher credit line because the supply chain financial enterprise accesses the blockchain judicial alliance chain, but it is more convenient in the litigation process because it accesses the judicial alliance chain.

Previously, the traceability of the blockchain has been questioned as a false proposition, because the blockchain can only solve the problem of unchangeable information flow on the chain, and it is impossible to anchor the physical assets and online information one by one. Therefore, we often hear that manufacturers will emphasize the ability to link every specific link of goods circulation when propagating the traceability of the blockchain, so as to dispel consumer concerns.

This method is relatively heavy. A contestant from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, showed his end-to-end solution from the micro.

In the case of ceramics, the surface looks very smooth. If you zoom in on the microscope 100 times or even 180 times, you can see that there are many tiny bubbles under the porcelain. These bubbles are randomly formed during the firing of the ceramic and do not change after molding. Even if each piece of ceramic looks exactly the same, the bubbles formed inside will never be the same. If these bubbles are used as fingerprints of ceramics, the fingerprints are uploaded to the blockchain, and the buyer knows whether "this thing is this thing" after comparing the ceramics with the special equipment. The reason why it is end-to-end is because the physical characteristics of ceramic internal bubbles are unique. After uploading to the blockchain, the information cannot be falsified, thus eliminating the need to record the process of each intermediate transfer in the traditional traceability scheme. .

The contestant showed Babbitt a special equipment that was stupid and black. The shell was printed in 3D, the joints were glued, and the internal circuit boards were hand soldered.


"We are in Jingdezhen. In fact, the technical strength to do this thing is very weak. We can make this happen and feel that we are all tired. The place in Jingdezhen is no bigger than the north. If there is no ceramic, everyone will listen. I have never heard of this place."

Due to geographical location, there is a shortage of skilled people, and technology media is rare. Therefore, the contestant saw that the media could not restrain the excitement. After sitting down, he couldn’t stop talking . The answer to Babbitt’s question was also very hard. When Babbitt proposed to look at the equipment, it was almost taken all the way.

The morning time passed quickly, so several of our media mainly communicated with the participants in the lobby. Near noon, the organizers specially bought pizza and cola for everyone. Everyone still has to pay close attention to the technical and business issues during the meal.

Lunchtime exchange

In the afternoon, Babbitt came to the conference room next to the Genesis block to listen to two projects.

The first project is to do automotive data services. It has a self-developed diagnostic model that can deeply analyze driving computer data, generate quantitative evaluation reports, and provide data services for used car manufacturers. In the blockchain ecological design proposed by the project party, the participants include the project party, ant BaaS, users, and third-party organizations, in which ants BaaS provide data deposit and establish reliable credibility; the project party provides professional services to ensure the quality of service and Implementation efficiency; users as distributed nodes participate in the contribution value of the blockchain network; third-party organizations provide stable and reliable data transmission services. In the project side's view, the biggest bright spot is the introduction of the pass-through economy, which can penetrate the upstream and downstream of the ecology, eliminate the current waste of data on the Internet of Vehicles, and improve the transparency and trust of the automobile value chain.

For the winding, the project side also raised their own questions, such as: the technical logic and interface of zero-knowledge proof, the security guarantee mechanism for the centralized platform, the convenience of users accessing BaaS, the governance of the system, and whether the centralized business platform needs to be filed. Wait.

After listening to the introduction of the project, the ant blockchain experts began to prescribe the right medicine.

At the business level, ant blockchain experts believe that the car networking + blockchain can do too much, but if you want to participate in the competition, you must focus on one point, otherwise it is not competitive. In addition, it is recommended that the project side should not pin the data acquisition on the C-end users, spend too much effort to design a set of incentive modes to encourage users to pass the data up, but focus on getting more upstream and downstream, and make the data Associate more dimensions and then create the value of the data. As for the economic incentives issued by the project party, ant experts reminded that they need to pay attention to legal and regulatory issues.

There are many technical problems, and they are very detailed . Even the details of leakage current are discussed. The problems are too professional and many have not been heard. Here are a few:

For example, how to prevent other users from accessing their own data, the ant blockchain expert suggests to do some control between the user and the blockchain, and the project side can lead the development, or the ant blockchain can provide assistance. If the user issues a query request, the signed announcement information is broadcasted, and the service layer receives the post-test to identify the user identity, and then the data can be obtained.

For example, in private key management, the program is burned on the device, ensuring that data is uploaded from the device to the blockchain.

For example, the new node, ant blockchain experts said that this is no problem, the ant blockchain BaaS contract platform supports dynamic node function.

After 50 minutes, it was over, and everyone’s discussion was still unfinished. However, it is a good idea to have a nail group. If there is any problem with the participants, you can ask questions directly. The ant blockchain arranges a technical brother to be on duty, and you can answer questions at any time.

Another project is the sale of commercial housing. As a local real estate company with 20 years of real estate development and marketing experience, it summed up the four major pain points in the commercial housing market: disguised price increases, reluctant sales, shrinking configuration, and escaping full decoration.

In view of the above pain points, the project side is based on the ant blockchain BaaS platform, and wants to create an efficient and transparent commercial housing development that can meet the government's strong regulatory requirements, reduce the difficulty and cost of supervision, and enable the government, developers and sellers to benefit. Trading platform.

For example, for the problem of disguised price increase, the contract between the buyer and the seller needs to be carried out on the platform. As long as the buyer matches the pre-sale price on the chain, the contract is automatically activated. For the reluctance to sell the goods, the pre-sale prices of the houses registered on the platform are all publicly available, and the configuration information is automatically added by the platform according to the authoritative information. In addition to solving the above pain points, it also provides credit scores and decentralized shake function. The shake number no longer requires authoritative endorsement, solving the problem of waiting for multiple days and repeating preparation materials.

On March 26, the State Council issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Comprehensive Reform of the Approval System for Engineering Construction Projects”. The opinion pointed out that by the end of 2020, the national unified project construction project approval and management system will be basically established. The platform will be delivered from the pre-sale certificate and the final real estate certificate office, integrated on the platform, optimize the efficiency of the entire process, and significantly reduce the cost of the intermediate link, so the platform launched by the project side is very socially beneficial.

After listening to the introduction of the project, the ant blockchain experts expressed high praise for the project. The shortcoming is that the project is too ambitious and involves all aspects, if the entries are not focused enough.

The project party said that it had also considered only trading platform before, but after repeated deductions, it is considered that if only the trading platform is not used as a development platform, there are several pain points that cannot be solved, such as the problem of secret reduction, development platform. If there is no guarantee of certain transparency, the function of the data exchange trading platform will be limited. It may solve the problem of a price increase in disguise, but the problem of reduction is definitely uncertain.

According to the ant blockchain innovation competition schedule, the Demo will be submitted in June, and it is known that this team has not registered in the Ant Blockchain Innovation Competition. The person in charge of the site quickly organized a special person to complete the docking.

Outside the hall, everyone’s discussion was equally enthusiastic.

Babbitt caught a blockchain technology big cow and asked how to combine the business with the ant blockchain, and the result was a gray nose.

"How can I combine it? I am also a technology myself. How to use the blockchain, you can see it. This thing is similar to how you buy a computer. It is quite simple."

Daniel said that they usually go to work at 9:10, and occasionally live in the company. Basically, they don’t think about going to work normally. "Overtime does not add Alibaba. What do you expect to do?"

At 5:30 in the afternoon, the consultation in the individual conference room was over. Babbitt caught a development brother at the scene and asked him what he thought after communicating with the project party on Open Day today.

The overall feeling of this little brother is that everyone has a certain understanding of the blockchain technology, and everyone is actively thinking about how to apply the trusted environment brought by the blockchain to their real business environment. . From the several scenes he participated in the discussion, everyone's ideas are more realistic. Only in terms of technical details, everyone's understanding is not too deep, and further exploration is needed, such as how to use contracts to ensure the execution of the business. Many project parties have done some work based on the public chain in the early stage, and the understanding of the alliance chain is not enough. Others are concerned with the ecological resources of ants, and they are more concerned about the use of APIs and how to pass the business certification.

After the end of the Open Day, the participants expressed their benefit, and the style of the ant blockchain is pragmatic and the work style of excellence is very recognized.

Ant blockchain 1

Ant blockchain 2

(Picture from nail)

In the day of Babbitt's observation, the attendance rate of the entire Open Day is very high and orderly; the content of the discussion is very professional, and it can be seen that both have a certain understanding of the blockchain and scene application; the purpose of the exhibition is clear, and the dry goods are full. When everyone gathers together to discuss, it can be seen that the ant blockchain is very open. The ant's small partner is also very dedicated , and the support and service to the participants is in place, very timely, and the questions raised in the contest group are still answered at 10 o'clock in the evening.

In addition, it can be seen that the industry has embraced the blockchain with enthusiasm , and real estate, aviation, agriculture, ceramics and other industries have been on the chain. After the bubble of the previous two years, blockchain technology is returning to rationality and accelerating its commercialization . The ant blockchain, a regular army hatched by Internet giants, has not only entered the market, but also worked closely with developers to promote the blockchain in the physical industry. As a media rooted in the field of blockchain for many years, Babbitt has reason to believe that 2019 will become the real year of commercialization of blockchain!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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