BKS officially logs in LBANK! Airdrop candy show!

Beginning in 2020, the global financial environment is in an extremely turbulent environment. The meltdown of the US stock market and the slump and rebound of BTC have made many digital asset holders like roller coasters, thrilling and exciting. In such an external environment, the market desperately needs a dose of reassurance to awaken more disappointers and regain confidence in the market.

At this time, the distributed commercial value application public chain Bakris Network took the lead in launching the 2020 market plan. From BKS's super node plan, anti-epidemic donation, and BiYong's strategic cooperation, many blockchain enthusiasts saw more Strong market signals. On March 27, BKS will officially log in to the global digital asset trading platform and blockchain asset bank-LBANK.

Logging in to LBANK will provide a better asset circulation channel for the Bakris Network ecosystem and provide a more predictable digital asset to more blockchain enthusiasts. The cooperation between Bakris Network and LBANK, on ​​the one hand, allows more blockchain enthusiasts to understand and hold BKS. At the same time, the BKS community and members will also jointly promote the construction and development of the ecosystem and create a larger value.

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The Lbank platform will be officially launched on BKS at 15:00 on March 27th, and at the same time, it will start a "holding airdrop" to share 1,220 BKS welfare activities.

Event time: March 27th, 15:00-April 1st, 15:00 (UTC + 8)

Total airdrop reward: 1,220 BKS

From the perspective of industry trends, cooperative development and mutual benefit are undoubtedly necessary. Both Lbank and BKS will use their respective advantages to benefit each other in future market promotion and technology development.

From a development perspective, through cooperation with Lbank, BKS will enhance the interaction between the team and users in terms of incentives, participation, and development, and also strengthen the symbiotic relationship between the team and users.

From the future strategy, according to the official website information, we can also understand that BKS aims at the business model, and the strategy also mentions that it will support Dapp applications and provide the necessary tools and protocols for applications built on its blockchain to help Application creators better understand the data on the chain. App creators on the BKS blockchain can turn the data they collect into profitability and benefit from cross-app business models including sales and marketing advice. And cooperating with LBank to expand its reputation for solidarity is also an olive branch to potential DApp partners in the next step.

It can be seen that the cooperation between BKS and Lbank will be a breakthrough in development. It is expected that BKS's blockchain technology and LBank's cooperative users will collide with the spark of technology.

It is also worth mentioning that the super node of the BKS team is running for election, and the cooperative recruitment of DApp is about to start. We will continue to pay attention to and report on the new situation of the project.

To participate in the airdrop, please poke the link to join the group: https://0.plus/bks_en