A new generation of FunChain blockchain platform is launched, TPS reaches 50,000

The official announcement of FunChain Technology shows that the domestically controlled and controlled commercial blockchain underlying infrastructure and a new generation of FunChain blockchain platform are officially launched. The announcement states that the new platform has the following advantages:

1. Performance: The platform can support 32000TPS in the actual standard production environment (8 core 16G, HDD mechanical hard disk standard server), and single chain can reach more than 50000TPS under hardware acceleration conditions;

2. Storage: At present, the average daily storage capacity of the platform can reach TB level, which supports GB-level picture, audio and video large file storage;

3. In terms of scale: the new networking model supports the consensus networking of thousands of nodes, which can realize the hierarchical deployment of hundreds of thousands of multi-type blockchain network nodes.

According to the announcement, in early April, FunChain will open the latest trial version of the platform to more ecosystem partners.