PeckShield warning: some wavefield DApp contract consistency check service has omissions

Recently, blockchain security company PeckShield found that a large part of the DApp contract uses the contract consistency check service of the third-party platform TSC when deeply analyzing the security of the DApp contract. In-depth analysis by PeckShield security personnel found that TSC can help DApp developers to verify some basic security guarantees, but the TSC service code itself is not complete enough to guarantee the reliability of the verification results. Of the 279 contracts that TSC has approved so far, only 85 of the contract source code are consistent with the bytecode on the Tron chain, and the rest cannot be completely matched. PeckShield security personnel contacted TSC developers, and the other party admitted that the service was still in the early stages of construction and could not guarantee the reliability of the audit results. Here to remind: DApp users must pay attention to the security protection measures of the contract itself when participating in the game investment, to avoid irreparable loss of digital assets.