MyCrypto security director: fake QR code generator network tricks users into bitcoin

Over the past 4 weeks, the Bitcoin Address to QR Code (QR) generator network has stolen more than $ 45,000 from users. These 9 websites (see pictures for details) provide users with the ability to enter a Bitcoin address and convert it into a QR code image, which can be saved on a personal computer or smartphone. Last week, Harry Denley, director of platform security at MyCrypto, stumbled across suspicious websites. Denley realizes that the site is malicious in nature. The website will not convert the entered Bitcoin address into the corresponding QR code, but will generate the same QR code for the scammer's wallet. Denley said that from the original website, he found that eight other websites all shared the same interface, indicating that they were created by the same scammer. Nine websites generated QR codes for five Bitcoin addresses, and received a total of more than 7 BTC ($ 45,000) in funds, most likely from scammed users. He traced nine malicious websites to three web servers. He found that the server also hosted more than 450 other websites with seemingly suspicious domain names, including terms such as Gmail, coronavirus, and other crypto-related physical brands. In addition to a QR code generator and a website displaying advertisements for gambling websites, the 3 servers also host Bitcoin transaction accelerators. The website requires a fee of 0.001 BTC ($ 6.5), and the BTC address that received the fee has received more than 17.6 BTC, up to $ 117,000.