Pepo, Ethereum-based video sharing social software, adds live streaming

Pepo is a video sharing social media application that allows creators to get micropayments supported by Ethereum. Pepo launched a new live streaming feature this week in response to growing demand during new coronary pneumonia. Pepo Live Events feature is based on integration with the video conferencing service Zoom, and is currently only available in beta via the Pepo website, not a mobile app. Currently, only Pepo community administrators can start live events, but even people without a Pepo account can participate in live video conversations. It is reported that Pepo was launched in Devcon 5 last October, allowing users to use Pepo tokens to reward each other. This app is built on the Ethereum platform, although its blockchain elements are largely invisible to users. Pepo was previously funded by Tencent and runs on the Ost platform, which raised $ 20 million in the 2017 ICO, and also powered the token component of the dating app Hornet.