HitBTC China Representative Talks to IPSE Global Operations Leader and Announces Investment of Ten Million Euros

At 16:00 on March 27th, HitBTC's representative from China, Joey, live-talked with the IPSE Global Operations Leader, introduced HitBTC to the community, and revealed the HitBTC's optimism about the deep value logic of the IPSE ecological token POST prospect. Joey said that HitBTC conducted a comprehensive and in-depth review of IPSE from the technical architecture, development process, legal qualifications, team members, etc., and concluded through meticulous research that the IPSE distributed search ecosystem is currently in the global blockchain startup projects One of the most promising projects. In close contact for a month, Joey was impressed by the aggressiveness, pragmatism, passion and strategic height of the IPSE team. At the same time, based on the optimistic view of the Web 3.0 track, Joey personally and its funds announced an investment of 15 million euros to jointly promote the IPSE ecological development and lead and enable the arrival of the next generation of value Internet era.