Data show: Daily trading volume of top cryptocurrency derivatives platforms is significantly decreasing

According to IntoTheBlock's "funds inflow / outflow near current price" statistical model estimates, 3.2 million addresses have purchased 2 million BTC at an average price of $ 6,750, and this vicinity can be regarded as a relatively strong resistance zone. IntoTheBlock also pointed out that the market demand for Bitcoin may be weakening. The futures trading volume model shows that the daily trading volume of top cryptocurrency derivatives platforms has decreased significantly. IntoTheBlock Chief Technology Officer Jesus Rodriguez said that although bitcoin's price did not change much last week, Bitcoin's futures trading volume is currently at a seven-day low of only $ 653 million. That's a 90% decrease from the $ 6.39 billion in daily trading volume on March 12. In addition, open positions continued to fall from 1.76 billion US dollars in late February to 149 million US dollars yesterday, a drop of 85%.