Jiangxi Ganjiang New District Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Innovation City will highlight blockchain technology applications and other features

Recently, the Jiangxi Ganjiang New Area researched and formulated the "Overall Implementation Plan and Three-year Action Plan of the Smart New Area (2020-2022)". According to the above plan, the Ganjiang New Area will build a "global integration" development, "one district and two cities" (Chinese medicine science and technology innovation city, Rulehu New City) with distinctive characteristics, "production, life, ecology" integration characteristics, leading domestic , International first-class high-quality, intelligent development model area. Among them, the intelligent construction of the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation city is closely centered on the elements of traditional Chinese medicine, highlighting the characteristic highlights of traditional Chinese medicine smart factories, the application of blockchain technology, innovative research and development, and exhibition and trading, and creating a unique service system with industry-city integration.