Survey: Cryptocurrency traders expect average target price of Bitcoin to be $ 22,866 in 2020

Kraken's recent survey of 400 users shows that 41% of users call themselves "investors", 40% are "traders", 15% are "institutions", and the remaining 4% include payment processors, Cryptocurrency exchanges and miners. In addition, respondents also shared their views and expectations on cryptocurrencies in 2020:

1. Respondents expect an average target price of Bitcoin of $ 22,866 and Ethereum (ETH) of $ 810 in 2020; 2. Nearly 50% of respondents expect that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve Bitcoin this year ETF; 3. The five most popular altcoins are ETH, XMR, XRP, LTC, and XTZ; 4. When making investment or sale decisions, users rely mainly on technical analysis, followed by fundamentals, market sentiment and industry research reports . Leading industry models include the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) ratio model, NVT signals, and Mayer multiples; 5. In terms of stablecoins, USDT is most popular with users.