Du Xiaoman Financial Blockchain Leader: Enterprises Should Pay Attention to the Development of Sovereign Digital Currency

Li Feng, the person in charge of Du Xiaoman's blockchain, said that enterprises should pay attention to the development of sovereign digital currencies. Its credit endorsement model is very mature and has some supporting regulatory measures. It is a short-term development direction; digital currencies such as Bitcoin Credit issues, user scale issues, and feature set issues have limited their development. While improving their own functions, this type of digital currency has to take the initiative to put on them a “chain” and increase their own regulatory and regulatory measures. Digital currency should have its own very clear boundaries and only serve the corresponding scenarios. It should not pursue big and comprehensive, nor should it pursue the expansion of value. In addition, he believes that the future form of digital currency may be different from the present. In the future, digital assets are a valuable thing in their own right. We can use it to exchange other valuable things on the virtual network, without the need to transfer through third-party media.