FCoin is criminally filed in Hunan

FCoin was filed criminally in Hunan early Saturday. Previously, many FCoin victims have successfully filed cases in their places of residence, including Beijing, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Jinan, and so on. Mr. Liu of Huaihua, Hunan said that after depositing more than 900,000 yuan in wealth management on the FCoin platform, the team stated that the user's assets were damaged and could not be withdrawn. On Friday, he reported to the local police and provided the police with information on bank flow, FCoin high-interest financial management information, and the operation team's WeChat. On Saturday morning, Mr. Liu was notified that the case was successfully filed. According to the information provided by Mr. Liu, the reporter landed in the Hunan Police Law Enforcement Open System to check and confirm that the result of the case filing was true.

According to the victim, Guangzhou Tianhe District has made the most progress among the police who have opened a case for investigation. The reporter has provided the police with video materials demonstrating Zhang Jian's relationship with FCoin, video materials promoting high-interest financial management, etc., and Zhang Jian's interview information as an "Member of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology."