Cao Huining: Blockchain scenario will be extended from financial to non-financial in the next five years

Recently, Cao Huining, director of the Finance Department of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, wrote in a Peking University Financial Review that the development of the blockchain has led to the emergence of some new products, such as high-end futures contracts. At the same time, blockchain technology can also be used as "two-dimensional futures". In the future, blockchain technology can also be used to make individual stock futures. In addition, blockchain technology will also greatly help the insurance industry. Mortgage loans in the future will mostly be carried out by means of blockchain. Whether it is a mortgage loan or the equity behind it, it can be made into a token. In short, the blockchain can generate trust through the smart contract of the machine and have a profound impact on finance. Within the next five years, the number of landing scenarios for blockchain will increase significantly and will extend from the financial side to the non-financial side.