Opinion: Blockchain invoices go to midfield, giants have already laid out "new infrastructure"

According to China Business News, the 25 trillion key projects and new infrastructure concepts released by 7 provinces and cities instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the capital market, and blockchain is becoming a key technical element among them. Behind the multi-speed racing blockchain invoices, the "trend" of e-government reform, electronic invoices and financial and tax system innovation. At present, the development of the blockchain invoice industry mainly presents several characteristics: Blockchain invoices are “horse racing” in many places, and major players play a leading role; the horse racing situation in various places is also reflected in the choice of technical routes; the invoice pivots leverage data chess; the correct industry The whole is still in transition.

Many interviewed industry people believe that the test of the invoice scenario can be regarded as an important practice of blockchain technology in the field of new infrastructure. However, to promote the transition of tax authorities from "ticket-based tax control" to "real information-based tax control", blockchain technology still has a long way to go. In particular, because electronic invoices have not been able to circulate across cities, the coupling difficulties involved in invoice circulation have not been systematically resolved, and the substantial value brought by blockchain invoices is still waiting to really erupt.