Bitfinex currency, has nothing to do with ordinary players?

Interpretation today

Recently, litigation and concerns about the financial situation of Bitfinex have kept Bitfinex and Tether on the cusp of the turmoil, and the USDT has also been greatly discounted. The discount has been eased.

In this regard, Bitfinex's response plan is to issue a platform certificate. . .

Prior to this, Bitfinex was forced to “debt-for-equity swap” because of the stolen 119,756 BTCs. Zhao Dong became a shareholder of Bifinex.

Obviously, Bitfinex is very good at this kind of operation and is proud of it. In response to the BTC theft, the white paper mentioned, “Bitfinex not only minimizes the loss of users and investors, but also compensates and protects the interests of all affected users. Some users have also taken advantage of this opportunity to become Bitfinex. The shareholders have received a generous return. "

After the news of the issuance of the platform pass, a white paper on the Bitfinex platform certification was circulated on the Internet. Zhao Dong said on Weibo that the white paper was a cottage and the real white paper was not released. Zhao Dong said on Weibo today that DGroup is authorized to publish the key information of the Bitfinex IEO white paper exclusively, and said that the white papers that are currently seen are still drafts. The final white paper may be slightly different. The information finally released by Bitfinex officially shall prevail.

The beginning of the white paper is the value of Bitfinex, "Unus Sed Leo (only one, is the king)", Bitfinex's platform pass LEO is also named here. Despite the ambitious values ​​of Bitfinex, it is now an indisputable fact that the volume of transactions is constantly being overtaken by other exchanges.

Back to the white paper, the main information worthy of attention is the following:

LEO totals 1 billion.

LEO's certificate model includes standard destruction methods, frozen asset thaw triggering destruction methods, and stolen BTC return triggering destruction mode.

The first method is the normal destruction mode of the platform, and the other two are related to the stolen funds and the funds being frozen on Bitfinex. The repo cycle is based on monthly, with at least 27% of all IFinex services last month's profit repurchased LEO based on current market prices, with no deadlines.

At least 95% of the thawed net assets will be used to repurchase and destroy the corresponding number of LEOs.

80% of the stolen BTC's net assets to be returned in the future will be used to repurchase and destroy the corresponding number of LEOs.

LEO's usage scenarios include Bitfinex's transaction fees, handling fees, lending fees, and derivative ship fees.

The IEO includes the private equity and public offering phases: it is currently in the private placement stage. Only the people who receive the white paper can participate. The public offering phase will be open after May 10th. Only when the private equity share remains, will the public offering be made, that is, It is said that public offerings exist only in theory.

Market research

Overall view

Today's BTC hit a new high, hitting a high of $5,191, just one step away from the 6000 mark, but then fell back and returned to yesterday's shock zone. In contrast, other major circulation certificates have seen a large increase in the previous rate of increase, indicating that BTC is dominant in the recent market. Despite today's BTC hit a new high, but the current trend has been obvious, the short-term continued breakthrough is relatively low, yesterday afternoon's trend has already indicated this point, although inertia pushes BTC to continue to rise, but from the four-hour level of continuous long-term From the point of view, BTC needs more time to digest and sort out, and should pay attention to the risk of callback in the short term.

The first support for the BTC is $5,750, and the second support is $5,600.

The ETH pressure is $175, the support is $160, and the $155 is strong support.

The EOS trend is similar to ETH, with the first support at $4.7 and the second support at $4.5.

risk warning

The price of digital pass is fluctuating violently. Investment digital pass is a high-risk investment behavior. Investors should reasonably assess their investment ability and risk tolerance, use leverage carefully, strictly control risks, and invest carefully. Investors are advised to keep in mind that investments are risky and require caution when entering the market.


Personal opinions are for reference only. The analysis in the text does not constitute a recommendation for trading, and the profit and loss is self-sufficient. Welcome to reprint, but need to indicate the source.

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