Haoyun Technology enters the blockchain, partners or ICO behavior in disguise

According to the China Business News, Haoyun Technology (300448.SZ) recently disclosed the "Announcement on the Establishment of a Blockchain Technology Company and Foreign Investment by a Wholly-owned Subsidiary and Hunan Zhaowu Xinlian Information Technology Co., Ltd." Announcement "" Zhaowuxinlian "). Subsequently, the company received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking it to explain the reason and related basis that the company believes that Zhaowu Xinlian is "an international leading blockchain technology service provider", whether the information disclosure is prudent and reasonable, and whether it has misled investors .

Haoyun Technology then responded to this, but the reporter found that the data cited in the reply had a certain lag. At the same time, in the reply, Haoyun Technology identified the sales revenue of Zhaowu Xinlian as the alliance chain business, but the reporter learned that Zhaowu Xinlian also owns mining machine sales and coin issuance. So is Haoyun's judgment accurate, and whether its cooperation with Zhaowuxinlian also has business expansion considerations in digital currency? In response, the reporter wrote to Haoyun Technology and Zhaowu Xinlian to conduct an interview. Haoyun Technology replied everything based on the reply letter to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Zhaowu Xinlian said that it is not currently being interviewed.