Guangzhou released the country's first industrial policy for "new infrastructure" to create a new height of the digital economy where key technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are integrated

On the morning of March 29, Huangpu District, Guangzhou Development Zone, and Guangzhou High-tech Zone held a press conference to officially release the "Ten Articles on Accelerating the" New Infrastructure "of the Guangzhou Hi-tech Zone in Guangzhou Development Zone, Guangzhou Huangpu District, Guangzhou to Help Digital Economy Development" (referred to as "New Infrastructure 10 "), which is the first industrial policy for" new infrastructure "in the country. Relying on their own industrial foundation, regional positioning and resource advantages, Guangzhou Development Zone and Guangzhou Hi-tech Zone plan to lay out the "four major areas of new infrastructure", namely the Yuzhu area planning artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone; Science City creates a demonstration of industrial Internet integration and development District; Knowledge City builds an international digital hub for communication networks; Bio Island builds a Biosafety Smart Island. Among them, the Yuzhu area will focus on the deployment of new artificial intelligence infrastructure to create a Guangzhou artificial intelligence and digital economy experimental area. Overall planning of 25 square kilometers, with China Software CBD as the core of the region, focusing on creating "one district" (a software district featuring blockchain) and "one town" (an artificial intelligence center with Pan-Zhejiang Industrial Innovation Park as the core) Town (Hengsha)). Accelerate the construction of major strategic platforms such as the national information technology application innovation base, China Telematics Operation Center, General Software and Hardware (Guangzhou) Adaptation Test Center, and the layout of the Guangdong Machinery Research Institute Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park, Xinsong International Robot Industrial Park, A number of artificial intelligence industrial parks, such as the Machine Intelligent Park, create new digital economic highlands with the integration and development of key technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.