Jiangxi launched a key industry investment project with a total investment of more than 1.5 trillion yuan, and the blockchain was selected

The Development and Reform Commission of Jiangxi Province recently announced the “2020 Jiangxi Provincial Key Industry Investment Project”, which launched a total of 14,31 investment projects involving seven major areas including major infrastructure, strategic emerging industries, big health and modern service industries, with a total investment of 159.9 billion yuan. There are 395 projects in strategic emerging industries, with a total investment of 588.9 billion yuan. Among them, electronic information, mobile Internet of Things, virtual reality, blockchain, 5G and other new-generation information technologies are the focus of industrial layout; the aviation industry includes large passenger aircraft maintenance and passenger cargo conversion projects, Ji'an International Flight Academy, and Air Star Light Duty Business Key investment projects such as aircraft cooperation projects. (Xinhuanet