People familiar with the matter: Distributed technology solutions may enter the Beijing financial regulatory sandbox, and coin-issuing blockchain companies are hopeless

The official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Supervision released the "Announcement on Soliciting Pilot Innovation Application Projects for Financial Technology Innovation Supervision in Beijing (Phase 2)" on March 27, and adjusted the requirements for the second phase of project solicitation. A person familiar with the matter revealed that the financial supervision sandbox is mainly oriented to some new business in the future, emphasizing technological innovation and controllable risks. Therefore, projects that have been running in the past and have occurred risk events, such as P2P online lending, will no longer be included in the supervision sandbox. Pilot; in the aspect of blockchain, it should be viewed separately. If the declared project is a distributed technical solution, it may be entered, but if it is a project similar to the currency issue, it will definitely not be included.