Data: Put / Call ratio for bitcoin options hits high since March 13

According to skew markets, the Put / Call ratio of bitcoin options contracts has reached 1.10, the highest level since March 13 when it reached 1.89. A higher Put / Call ratio indicates that options trading either buys more puts, the right to sell the contract, or buys less call options, the right to buy the contract. In the traditional financial product market, if the Put / Call ratio is higher than the general range of 0.7-1, it means that short pressure is very high, because traders are more likely to sell rather than buy. There may be many reasons for this selling pressure, the most important of which is the expectation of falling prices. Compared with the previous Put / Call ratio, Bitcoin's price outlook is worrying. Before the market collapsed on March 12, this ratio surged to 1.39, the highest level in the past three months, and there is no doubt that selling pressure began to move downward. Two days after reaching 1.39, the spot price of Bitcoin dropped from $ 7,800 to below $ 4,000, and then rose back to $ 5,500. However, since that plunge, Bitcoin's Put / Call ratio hasn't exceeded 1.08 after a short fall. So far, this ratio has reached 1.10.