Guangzhou will promote the opening up of a number of blockchain application scenarios in government, finance, security and other fields

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology that the city held an unveiling ceremony for the first demonstration zone of blockchain development. In the next step, Guangzhou will follow the development trend of the key technologies of the blockchain, focusing on the development of independent and innovative software for the underlying platform of the blockchain; implement R & D plans for key areas, and organize the implementation of major scientific and technological projects around the key technologies of the blockchain and key industries; High-tech enterprise tree-marking and quality-raising actions, nurturing blockchain application enterprises to grow into industry benchmarking companies; supporting blockchain companies in the construction of engineering technology research centers, key laboratories, technology centers, adaptation verification centers, academician workstations and other research institutions; Support the development of cross-industry and cross-industry blockchain innovation application verification tests to form a number of key standards and test cases.

At the same time, Guangzhou will promote the opening of a number of blockchain application scenarios in the fields of government affairs, finance, security, etc .; conduct demonstration projects of blockchain industry application scenarios for industrial enterprises and organizations, and select a batch of blockchains in medical health, supply chain management, Mature applications and promotion demonstrations in product traceability anti-counterfeiting, network collaborative manufacturing, copyright protection transactions, and electronic evidence storage; deepen cooperation with industry leaders such as Tencent and Jingdong to develop BaaS (blockchain as a service) and encourage blockchain innovation Enterprises participate in demonstration projects.