Survey: 32% of cryptocurrency traders view regulation as the industry's biggest risk

The Kraken Exchange recently conducted a survey of 400 VIP crypto traders, asking participants about the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies. Regarding "what is the catalyst for accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies", nearly 19% of the respondents said that the adoption from central banks, enterprises, governments, institutions and individual users will accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies. 15% of participants said that the halving in May of BTC was also one of the reasons, and 27% emphasized that political conflicts, wars, FOMOs and crises are other driving factors. Regarding "What are the biggest risks facing the crypto asset industry in 2020", 32% of respondents pointed out that regulation is the biggest obstacle, 23% of respondents believe it is fraud, hacking and fraud, and 13% of respondents It is mentioned that government crackdown is another risk. The remaining 32% of respondents said that the global economy is slowing down, whale accounts, volatility, development and project failures, information errors and other obvious risks. In addition, in Kraken's survey, 48% of respondents believe that the Bitcoin ETF will be approved by the US SEC, while 52% of respondents hold the opposite view. In further commenting on Libra's impact on the same industry, 43% of respondents said they would describe Libra as "good for the industry."